Rockababy Services

Sleep Coaching: Tailored sleep-teaching solutions that will work for your baby. Rockababy spends one on one time with you and your baby before determining a plan that will work for you.

Behavioural Coaching: From tantrums to timeouts, all parents face challenges in every stage of your baby and toddlers development. Rockababy coaches parents to establish confident and consistent methods to deal with these challenges.

Potty Training Coaching: Every child potty trains differently, and it is no easy task. Rockababy will help address specific concerns and create a supportive and encouraging environment for the child and family to succeed.

Parent Mentoring: Become your own child’s expert with our simple but effective strategies tailored specifically for your child.

Transitions: Crib to big bed, saying goodbye to the bottle and the soother;this can be an emotional time where lots of issues can arise. Rockababy can quickly re-establish good habits, and smooth transitions to help you before unwanted habits set in.